St. Joseph’s Hospice that has been serving the terminally ill and disabled children, men, women and aged people since 58 years. It was an incredible story of an Irish missionary’s dedication to give hope to the hopeless and downtrodden.

The Hospice which was established next to sacred heart church in Westridge Rawalpindi cantonment in officially 1964, which provide lodging and meal to the patients, besides necessary treatment.

Fr.Francis O’Leary, Had conceived the idea of establishing the Hospice when an old woman, who had been left out on the street to die of cancer, was bought to him.

He realized that the work which he must do in Pakistan was not just teaching children and performing his parish duties but that somehow he must start a hospital for people suffering from incurable diseases and for the poverty stricken sick who fell outside of the jurisdiction of the medical help which the government of Pakistan was able to give.

That November night as he finally found an empty room in Westridge for his dying patient, the seed which was to become St. Joseph’s Hospice for incurable Diseases, was planted.

Obviously, the Hospice didn’t just bloom overnight. Every brick and curtain and medicine bottle had to be begged one way or another by Father O’Leary and his dedicated committee members. The bishop of Rawalpindi gave him his blessing and the go ahead sign. The first donation was 10 rupees- about 75 paisas and that started the young priest on his initial venture in fund raising.

The first charge was taken by the Mother Dolores from Spain these small groups of Argentinian, Irish and Pakistani Sister have taken over complete management.

Because of the obvious impossibility of caring for the In-Patients and the Out-patients who come to the hospice each day for medical care, the sisters was training aides to help them. This had been a blessing in the parish for the daughters of the poorest people who would normally had no chance for education, could be trained in a paying and useful career and earn money, Food and lodging as they were being trained.

The patients, who came from all castes and creeds, from all over the Pakistan, and from widely scattered backgrounds, offers the widest possible range of human suffering and a moving sight of human drama as well.


St. Jeanne Antide said

“In so far you did this to one of the least of these brothers of mine ,You did it to me”

St. Joseph’s Hospice Association is a charitable institution Supervised by the His Grace Dr. Joseph Arshad now run by the sisters of Charity of St. Jaenne Antide who had taken over from 23rd August 2018. There were three sisters in the start named: Sr. Mariam Gill, Sr. Khalida Khadam and Sr. Razia Syad afterwards Sr. Mumtaz joined in the November and now these four sisters are now responsible for the smooth working of Hospice. This was tough start but they struggled hard to make things in order and discipline as maintain good relations between donors and staff was a real challenge which they accomplished successfully.

The operations of the Hospice are governed by St. Joseph’s management board, who meet once in a month. All employees are accountable to the administrator. Administrator Sr. Mariam Gill works in the consultation with the management committee President Rev. Fr. Sarfraz Nadeem and vice –President Fr. Richard who are finally responsible for the matters of hospice.

St. Jeanne Antide said

“Our neighbor is everywhere; God is everywhere; that is enough for us.

Today many years later, for the old and suffering patients know there is a final place to go if their need is great enough. For people grateful for their own blessings it is an ideal place to give donation as thanksgiving. For everybody, it is a triumph of hard work, great optimism and unrelenting faith.

Vincent de Paul said : “ Go to the poor and you will find God”

The Hospice provides free quality medical care and medicines, skilled nursing care, rehabilitation and physical therapy in the midst of its financial crisis. From past 54 years, the Hospice has been providing health services to the poor, abandoned and bedridden sick, with the support from visitors from various countries and local philanthropists. The Hospice has remained a shelter for less fortunate individuals from all over the Pakistan.

Admissions to the indoor patients department are made through the OPD and are based on their diagnoses or need of care as per St. Joseph’s Hospice objectives.

St. Joseph’s Hospice to become one of the most famous association to provide medical facility to the poor community. The Hospice was registered under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961 (XLVI of 1961) Act on 20th January 1964 and as a Private Healthcare Establishment with Punjab Healthcare Commission under section 13 of the Punjab Healthcare Commission Act 2010.

Children are provided with nursing care as well as with education facilities while they are undergoing surgery and physiotherapy for burns, injury or post-polio defects.

For outdoor patient the Hospice has a well-equipped laboratory, X-Ray, Therapy and a well stock pharmacy. About 100 -120 patients on the average visit the hospice every day for OPD. A nominal fee is charged keeping the same level of services.

St. Joseph’s Hospice remained on course with good progress in many areas. The highlight of the achievements was the continued support to the local patient needs.

St. Jeanne Antide said

“It is at the feet of Christ Crucified that I draw all my strength. It is for him and my Neighbor that I suffer”

At St. Joseph’s Hospice we strive to provide the maximum standards of professional health care and services. We are providing personalized care and support regardless of race, color, religion and ancestry.