St. Joseph Hospice is open to every needy person irrespective of his cast, creed and religion. St. Joseph’s Hospice Association has built a fetching reputation among the community, country wide associations and communal, Political and Government sector and media.

Equipped with 60 bed facility, St. Joseph’s Hospice provides residential facility to the indoor patients who are permanently disabled, or have been declared incurable or advised long term care by regular hospitals. The hospice provides shelter and treatment absolutely free to these indoor patients who are deprived, chronically ill, disable and often rejected by their families and refused by the hospitals.  The Hospice has remained a shelter for less fortunate individuals from all over the Pakistan and provides free quality medical care and medicines, skilled nursing care, rehabilitation and physical therapy in the midst of its financial crisis.

For outdoor patient the Hospice has a well-equipped laboratory, X-Ray, Therapy and a well stock pharmacy. About 100 -120 patients on the average visit the hospice every day for OPD. A nominal fee is charged while keeping the same level of services.

The St. Joseph’s Hospice remains on course with good progress in its overall functions and activities. At St. Joseph’s we strive to provide the maximum standards of professional health care and services.